Christine Marie Wirts, contemporary artist

“The destination is always exciting, satisfying and terrifying as each 

piece exposes a little more of my inner hidden self.”

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My art encompasses various degrees of mixed media, including but not limited to, acrylics, pastels, molding paste, texture paste, crackle paste, glass bead gel, self leveling gel and tissue paper placed on stretched canvas, cradled Birchwood panels and gesso boards. Each piece starts with a desire to create visual interest and stimulation by layering color and texture with imprinted rollers, pallet knives, brushes and stencils. This journey can take as little as a few days to weeks and even months depending on the layers, drying time and of course creative flow. 

My work is available as originals, museum quality canvas wraps, and museum quality paper prints. (contemporary art, fine art paintings, abstract art)